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A small group of old time virtual worlders got together and decided to start our own halcyon virtual world. We did not stop there though. We want to redefine what it means to be a part of something special. We asked for names, gave everyone a vote and Sovaria Estates was born.

We wanted to create a place that could truly be everyone’s virtual home. Somewhere we can call our own.

With that In mind we are forming a nonprofit organization and forming Sovaria Estates with the vision of a volunteer board of directors who is bound by the will of our community.

Sovaria Estates is our world and it is also yours for the taking.

Collectively we are all Sovarians. Owning land also gives you a voice and a vote at the round table.

Are you are ready to help reimagine your place in the metaverse? Sovaria Estates is waiting for you.

World Ownership

Sovaria Estates virtual world is owned by Sovaria Estates non-profit company. Its officers and board are defined in its bylaws. Those officers are elected for terms of office from world membership where Membership is defined in the TOS.

So the short answer is - If you are a land owner in Sovaria Estates, you may run to hold office in either the World Management or qualify for company office. How serious are you in virtual world support? Be part of the action!

The bylaws are the ByLaws_Nov2022.pdf. Bylaws are the legal document defining the company structure, management, purposes and operation.

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